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polymer clay artist

Polymer Clay Artist

My name is Julie Timis and I am the owner and creator of Luna Blue Creations.

I have always been crafty and creative from ribbons to beads, papers and fabric but it wasn't until 10 years ago when I found my true passion, the art of polymer clay. I am forever grateful to my sister for introducing me to this medium. She also run her own small business creating personalized party favours using polymer clay.

I fell in love with polymer clay after I created my very first polymer clay covered vase. I am fascinated by the medium's versatility from jewelry to vases, bottles, journal covers and more...

You are limited to your own imagination.

As an Artist you can never stop learning. I will continue to learn and experiment on different techniques beyond my comfort zone and create something beautiful and magical.

Crafting polymer clay is like a therapy. I can spend hours expressing myself on each pieces I make.

Most of my pieces are whimsical, nature inspired , leather inspired, rustic and also metallic.

I love creating vases, bottles, personalized gifts like journals, scrapbooks, sketchbooks, keychains and magnets. I also create a fashion jewelries and mixed media wall art.

After years of crafting, I decided to share my Art and I hope to inspire everyone through my art pieces.

What started as a hobby became my passion, my art and I am sharing it to all to you.

Enjoy browsing my website.

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