sunstone journal

Enchanting & Magical ….

When I created these books. My goal was to create something enchanting and magical. The stones definitely made it possible in completing the look I want to achieve. They look like they possess magical powers that will be unlocked by the bearers of these books.

This cover is a custom bound refillable journal with 160 pages of aged stained blank paper.
It has raw amethyst. Amethyst promotes cleansing, protection, healing power and help cultivate tranquility. It also inspire and increase spirituality.

Labradorite Refillable Journal

This book is also refillable custom bound journal, midori style with 160 stained blank pages paper.
This cover has labradorite stone. Labradorite protects the aura from negative energies and helps to uncover illusions. It assist during changes by raising consciousness and sharpening instinct.

Sunstone Blank Journal

This book is a large size sketchbook with 220 pages.
I added sunstone in the middle of the book, the design and background of the cover is just perfect for the sunstone.
Sunstone promotes joy and other positive feelings into your life. It possess a strong solar energy, and they embody within them the warmth, strength, and openness of the sun.

Visit my shop to purchase these journals. I can also personalized these journals with a nameplate at the back.


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