Personalized journal

Steps On How I Create The Journal & Sketchbook Covers

The process of making the journal and sketchbook covers are all handmade from start to finish.
It takes about 2 – 36 hours, depending on the amount of details on the design.
I use sculpey premo polymer clay and materials. They are made to be durable for everyday use.
Process involves conditioning clay, shaping, cutting, sculpting, hand stamping, finishing it with different mediums, curing for 40 minutes or more, gluing it to the journal, sketchbook or notebook, sealing and last step is to let dry.
Then your journal is ready for packaging and shipment.
Because it is handmade, nothing is exactly the same. This makes every journal and sketchbook covers unique and special. Same in any other art pieces I created. It is not mass produced nor machine made. My love, my time, my passion are in every pieces I make.


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